5 Aprile 2018


 Light-Shirt is the new illuminator of the GMC house designed to have the highest quality of Light Guaranteed by KinoFlo, in fact Light-Shirt takes advantage of KinoFlo lamps with E27 attack both at 5500K and 3200K.
It hooks to all the accessories already on the market as the Lollipop of the classic KinoFlo and in addition it has a shank for direct attack on the tumblers / Grips.
Light-Shirt weighs only 850 Grams and offers the possibility to orient the fins made of black cloth with reflective silver and gold of the famous ROSCO house.

Kit includes:
1) Light-Shirt base
2) Fins in black cloth
3) 2 silver reflective bands
4) 2 Gold reflective bands
5) Power cord
6) bag

5 Year Warranty